Introducing the Dynamic Risk Management Platform

One platform for Risk, Safety and Claims apps, collaboration and analytics.

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Big data, cloud-based platforms, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things are poised to forever change the way companies anticipate and manage risk. Is your company ready? For businesses equipped to aggregate, store, and analyze massive amounts of data in real time, this convergence of technologies presents the opportunity to transform its risk management operations and extend risk intelligence across the enterprise. Now is the time for change.

For many companies, data access, quality and fragmentation are holding them back. Limited collaboration, non-intuitive user experience and delayed communication among companies, brokers, carriers, and other stakeholders make it impossible to manage risk in real time.

That's why we invented Marsh ClearSight. We think you'll love it!

Marsh ClearSight unifies risk, claims, and safety management processes at a level never before achieved. Our cloud-based platform seamlessly synthesizes data, apps, analytics, and the people who use them. And, we've made Marsh ClearSight so intuitive and easy to use that you won't want or need to use anything else. Period.

Unified, Cloud-Based Platform Brings Together Data, Tools, and Stakeholders

Improved Decision Making
  • Spot key trends happening across your organization faster
  • Flag potential liabilities and quickly identify the causal factors from complex sets of data
  • Assess potential outcomes with multiple models for comparison
Increased Efficiency
  • Input, organize, and report data to your stakeholders effortlessly
  • Streamline data capture and transfer
  • Execute transactions faster with more intuitive interfaces
Improved Collaboration
  • Access all program information (assets, exposures, policies, incidents, claims, etc.) in a single location
  • Collaborate seamlessly and securely with stakeholders inside and outside of your organization

One Platform, a Universe of Possibilities

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Unified Hub that Supports Apps,
Collaboration and 3rd Party Development

Struggling to align your workflow and technologies will become a thing of the past. Marsh ClearSight was designed with risk, claims and safety workflows in mind. You can personalize your home page to include the apps you use the most. Intuitive navigation and collaboration enables you to access active or recent apps, leverage new 3rd party apps, and communicate with key stakeholders in your ecosystem with a single click. With Marsh ClearSight, it's a snap to find everything you're looking for.

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Tools To Bring All Your Stakeholders Together

Marsh ClearSight consolidates your data on a unified, secure platform for easy capture, access, and sharing across your network. Collaboration tools, both desktop and mobile, make it effortless for all stakeholders to communicate in real-time for more efficient workflows and faster resolution. With Marsh ClearSight it's easy to share dashboards so that everyone is well informed and on the same page.

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Real-time Insights When and Where You Need Them

Marsh ClearSight unlocks the value of your data by integrating advanced analytics into all your processes. Every step of the way, you'll be in control of powerful yet intuitive interactive tools that will give you instant insight. You can create ad-hoc reports, dashboards, and what-if scenarios, all within the context of your normal workflow. And, because Marsh ClearSight gives you access to global database resources, you can analyze your risk exposures, benchmark your performance, and predict claims severity, all on the fly.